Product Sourcing

If your company is in the business of selling products, it is worth investigating the benefits of sourcing some or all of these directly from China.

Many of the products you sell are probably manufactured in China and then imported and marked up by a 1000 percent or more by wholesalers.

In the current competitive environment you cannot afford to be expensive in the market place, it may make the difference between your business being competitive or not.

The benefits of directly sourcing these products can be substantial.

So go direct and save.

Level 1

This solution is a turn key solution, just tell us the product you require and the specifications of the product and we will track down the best manufacturer to provide the product to you and arrange everything for you. We will trace the product from the manufacturer to your door ( click here for more information)

Level 2

This solution is for the customer who wants to inspect the factories in china personally. Our staff will find appropriate manufacturers and verify them and organise a meeting for when you are ready to visit. Then once you arrive in China we will assist you with all aspects of your trip. You choose what you want to do your self and what you would like our staff to assist you with ( click here for more information)

Level 3

This solution is really a DIY solution we will provide a guide and interpreter and any other assistance you require on a as requested basis. ( click here for more information)

We have the people and resources to ensure we secure the best deal for you in a timely manner

In the past only large companies have been in a position to take advantage of these savings

Now with our assistance you too can achieve dramatic savings

So what is next

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