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Level 2 - For the hands on client

Our tracking and tracing team will assist you to track down a professional company to deal with by any or all of the following, you choose what areas you want us to assist with and what areas you want to maintain control over

Choose from:

  • Supplier Validation
  • Sample Collection
  • Price Comparison

Once you have selected a supplier we can assist by tracing the product from the time of placing the order till delivery at your door by

  • Performing random quality checks
  • Performing independent audit of the stock at the time of loading
  • Assisting with freight co ordination
  • Ensure paperwork for freight is complete

We have the people and resources to ensure we secure the best deal for you in a timely manner
In the past only large companies have been in a position to take advantage of these savings

Now with our assistance you too can achieve dramatic savings

So what is next?

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