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Sourcinge products directly from China can be extremely beneficial to your company's profitability. Let Tracking & Tracing assist you with your product sourcing via our staff in Australia and mainland China. The savings are massive and done correctly the strategy will pay off.

Tracking & Tracing can assist you with manufacturer selection and the entire sourcing procedure via a number of customised strategies, we let you choose the level of service you require. Want to know more? Click here

Tracking & Tracing provide the following services:

Product sourcing from China

English Speaking Interpreters

Local English Speaking Guides

Exhibition Assistants

Business assistant

Hotel booking

Vehicle hire

Freight and Logistics

Tracking & Tracing staff have been trained with an expectation to supply the best level of western style service to you. Want to know more?

Let our staff assist you to do business successfully in China.

We have the people and resources to ensure we secure the best deal for you in a timely manner

In the past only large companies have been in a position to take advantage of these savings

Now with our assistance you too can achieve dramatic savings

So what is next...

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